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How Would You Prefer To Choose The Right Nannies?

How would you choose a Nanny?

Every nanny should be able to provide great childcare for the children she watches, and many parents look for nannies who are blessed with that innate ability.

Here are some special skills that Parents look for a Nannies:

1. Understanding how to effectively sleep train a baby. While there’s not one method that works for every family, a skilled nanny can present parents with many different strategies and design a plan that fits their needs. This can help sleep-deprived parents get some much needed rest and help the baby get on a workable sleep schedule.

2. Speaking a foreign language. Some parents want a nanny who speaks a foreign language because they want their adopted child to have the opportunity to speak her native language on a regular basis. Other parents travel internationally with their children and find it helpful for the nanny to be able to easily communicate with the locals. Other parents just want their children to have the competitive edge a second or third language brings. Whatever the reason, a nanny that speaks a foreign language is always in demand.

3. Having advanced knowledge of a subject and being able to provide tutoring. Academic success is at the top of every parent’s wish list. Having a nanny that can give one-on-one help tailored to a child’s particular needs and learning style can make the difference between school success and failure. A nanny who tutors can also help children develop effective study skills that will help them for years to come.

4. Being a talented athlete. Childhood obesity is making headlines these days, and parents are trying to find ways to keep their kids active and in shape. Sports, either through a school team or an individual interest, can help combat obesity, and a nanny that can play alongside her charge is very popular. Caregivers that can introduce new sports to a child or help her improve her current skills are even more in demand.

5. Being able to cook tasty, healthy meals. With today’s busy schedules most parents have a hard time finding the time to cook real meals during the week. A nanny with cooking skills is a huge help to those families. Working parents love coming home from a long day at the office and having dinner waiting for them, and when the nanny can cook it gives the family a stress-free way to connect and promotes healthy eating habits to boot.

6. Creative talent. Children love to express themselves through art. A nanny who has a bag of arts and crafts and can incorporate creative projects into the daily schedule will be valued.

7. Familiarity with the family’s neighborhood. Being familiar with the kid’s landscape in an area can make everyone’s life easier. A nanny that already knows the best parks, the most sought after pediatricians, and the best toddler music classes is a valuable resource to her employers. This is true especially in a large city where it’s often hard to pinpoint the best activities in a sea of choices.

8. Playing a musical instrument. Many nanny employers value performing arts and want their children to learn how to play an instrument. A nanny who knows how to play the piano, violin, or other instrument can teach a child the basics or help them get the most out of formal lessons. That knowledge and love of music often lasts a lifetime for the child.

9. Swimming. Swimming is a skill all nannies should have. Kids love the water and many parents enroll their children in swimming lessons starting at a young age. A nanny’s day, especially in the summer months, often includes taking the kids to the pool, the lake, or the beach. Knowing how to swim is not only a critical safety issue, it’s also important to be able to actively engage with the children while swimming and playing in the water. Water fun with kids is definitely not a spectator sport.

10. Defensive driving. Parents often worry about the nanny driving their children around. Will they be safe? Is getting out of the house worth the risk? Learning defensive driving is one way nannies can help their employers feel more comfortable because it’s a skill that directly helps to protect and keep their charges out of harm’s way.

In addition to the basic skills required to do so, parents also often look for nannies that also have certain special skills that can bring something extra to the job.

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My Happy Family

Stays Together

My idea of a happy family is one in which all the members recognise the individuality of each other’s character and personality. No two human beings are alike and although members of one family naturally have many similar traits, each one of them still remains a person with an independent identity. A happy family is one in which all dealings are based on this indisputable fact.

The father Ferdinand should not expect their sons Jasfer and Christofer to be exactly like them in every way and mother (it’s me) Jasmin should not expect the daughter Saara Jane to be their clones. At the same time, children should never forget their duty towards their parents and should always respect and love them.

In a happy family, one expects freedom of speech. Each member should be allowed to give his opinion without hesitation. Of course, certain common rules of action have to be laid down and a code of conduct insisted upon. The experience of one’s parents and grandparents should be acknowledged but at the same time elders should be conscious of the generation gap and adapt themselves accordingly. A little broad-mindedness and tolerance goes a long way to ensure healthy, cheerful relationships.

A happy family eats together, prays together and laughs together. All its members believe in the good old virtues of love and sacrifice, and have a sharing, caring attitude towards each other. There is a feeling of togetherness and belonging and a strong sense of loyalty. They stand by each other through thick and thin, and act as pillars of strength in times of misfortune.


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